Human Interest Stories

Story #3

One of SOS earliest memories was a little deaf boy named Tyler Swob. We met Tyler Swob at Barnes and Noble in Escondido during Pajarama story time on Monday nights. SOS volunteered interpreting story time for deaf children who wanted to come. At that time we had 3 or 4 deaf children that would attend. Tyler and his mom and his brother and sister attended the story time pretty regular. We became fast friends. About one year after meeting Tyler and his family, a Hollywood Producer contacted Signs Of Silence looking for a deaf child to interview and possible take a part in a movie they were filming in San Diego. At that time SOS had a very strong deaf teen group but not alot of deaf pre-teens. But we were able to gather up 6 pr 7 deaf children ranging in ages from 5 to 12 years old. All of them were asked to show up for an audition in San Diego on a particular day and try out for a part in a movie. How exciting is that. The movie was about a monkey who was hurt and was brought to a hospital emergency room and there he met a deaf boy. After all the auditions were completed Tyler Swob won the part and starred in a Hollywood movie. Signs Of Silence had a part in Tyler's success and because of our reputation in the community, SOS was selected to accommodate Hollywood with a deaf star for the movie. Today Tyler is a College graduate and lives in New York. You can find him on Facebook. Just another heart warming story in our history

January 3, 2011


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December 27, 2010
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