Every story has a beginning. Ours began on Valentines day in 1991 when a deaf friend, age 30, died at home because 911 was not equipped to respond to a deaf call for help. As a result of this tragedy we took the next 5 years to research our deaf community in San Diego and in June 1996 Signs Of Silence began.

Mission Statement:

Signs Of Silence (S.O.S.) is a non-profit agency in North San Diego County providing resources to our deaf community. We began in 1996 out of a need to improve the quality of life for the deaf. It’s that simple….

Signs Of Silence recognizes that services are limited and many times not readily accessible. Our goal is to improve and expand existing services by bringing opportunities and the deaf together.

Welcome to Signs Of Silence, recognized in 2000 as the top non profit agency for deaf services in the world! We hope you enjoy our website and allowing us to help you get connected.


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